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Take Back Bag

What is the Take Back Bag?

The Take Back Bag is now powered by Trashie! Everything you love about the Take Back Bag is staying exactly the same - we just gave it a fresh paint job. Here’s what to do: order a Take Back Bag, clean out your closet, and send us your filled bag. Yo

How does the Take Back Bag work?

When you receive your Take Back Bag powered by Trashie, simply fill it with your old clothing and textiles, including items that are worn out or damaged. Then, use the pre-paid shipping label to send it back like an online return. Once we receive the

What can I put in the Take Back Bag?

We accept any unwanted clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and linens in any condition. This includes swimwear, underwear, socks, and more!. Here is a full list of items we accept;. Apparel, Socks, CLEAN Underwear, Sheets and Pillowcases, Towels, Shoe

What condition do the clothes have to be in?

We accept your unwanted items in most conditions.  Just please make sure they are clean. We want the old fabric off your body and bed - we just ask that you wash them first!. Check out our complete list of what we accept:.

How much does the Take Back Bag cost?

Buy a Take Back Bag for $20. We include all of the reverse shipping and recycling services. No muss, no fuss. We make it easier than an online return.

Why do I have to pay for a Take Back Bag?

The $20 cost of the Take Back Bag covers the return shipping for a 8-15lb bag from the customer to our sorting and grading facility. It also includes an extensive sorting and grading process for each bag, which enables our team to identify the next b

Where can I get the Take Back Bag?

You can buy the Take Back Bag at or at a select (and growing group of retailers), like Bombas, Arvin Goods, Okko and pretty soon some major US retailers.

What is the impact of each Tack Back Bag?

Each Take Back Bag boasts some pretty impressive statistics:. We are always working to refine our impact measurements so that we can track the progress of the Trashie community.

What happens to my stuff?

We're committed to finding the next, highest use for your old products. Clothing sent back to us sorted and processed by 253 grades. Some items are cleaned are re-sold globally, some are fiber-to-fiber recycled, some fibers are sorted for larger recy

Why is the Take Back Bag a different color?

The For Days Take Back Bag is now powered by Trashie! Everything you love about the Take Back Bag is staying exactly the same - we just gave it a fresh paint job. And this is just the start. Expect much more of what you love – rewards, deals & recycl

Are Take Back Bags sustainable?

Our Take Back Bags are made of 50% post-consumer recycled content, they are fully recyclable, and we recycle 100% of Take Back Bags that are sent back to us.

Why is it better to use a Take Back Bag than other donation options?

85% of ALL textiles end up in landfills. That includes resale, recycling, and donation efforts. If you send used items to us through our Take Back Bag, they go through a sorting and grading process with our recycling partners to determine their next

When do I receive my Take Back Bag credit?

You'll earn $30 in TrashieCash for every Take Back Bag you order once you have shipped us your bag. We do not offer additional TrashieCash for the quantity or quality of items included in the Take Back Bag. Any issues? Reach out to [email protected] t

Can I use Trashie Cash to buy a Take Back Bag?

We do not allow Trashie Cash to be used on Take Back Bags. In building a circular economy, we want you to use your Trashie Cash rewards to items you would normally buy and brands that participate in sustainable practices - close the loop with us! But

Can I put fabric scraps in my Take Back Bag?

You can send up to 12lbs of your 98%+ cotton fabric scraps to be recycled in our Cotton Fabric Scrap Take Back Bag! Unfortunately, we are unable to accept scraps of any other material at this time. Fabric scraps cannot be included in our clothing Tak

Can I cancel a Take Back Bag order?

Unfortunately, once a Take Back Bag order has been placed, we are unable to change or cancel the order.

How do I ship my full Take Back Bag to you?

You can scan the QR Code printed at the bottom corner of the Take Back Bag to register it on our website using the email associated with your Trashie / For Days account and receive your USPS Label Broker QR Code and/or return shipping label. The USPS

QR Code error

We recommend scanning and registering your Take Back Bag before adding your items since some smartphones have a hard time scanning QR codes that are not flat. Be sure there is adequate light when scanning your QR code. TrashieCash is credited to the

Can I recycle non-clothing textiles in the Take Back Bag?

Yes, you can include non-clothing textiles such as bed linens, towels, and curtains in The Take Back Bag powered by Trashie. We aim to recycle and repurpose a wide range of textiles to reduce waste.

How do I manage my Take Back Bag subscription?

Take Back Bag orders and subscriptions are managed through the Trashie Shop on Shopify. You can manage your Take Back Bag subscription by logging into your ShopPay account. Your ShopPay login may be different from your Trashie login. If you are havin

Where is my Take Back Bag?

All Take Back Bag orders are shipped out one business day after the order was placed. Because we ship within 24 hours, these orders cannot be canceled. Your Take Back Bag will arrive 5-14 business days after your order is placed. Please note you will