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Why do I have to pay for a Take Back Bag?Updated 2 months ago

The $20 cost of the Take Back Bag covers the return shipping for a 8-15lb bag from the customer to our sorting and grading facility. It also includes an extensive sorting and grading process for each bag, which enables our team to identify the next best use for each individual item. This is at a scale of 1M items a day! Our traceability platform tracks each bag and ensures the contents land in their final destination.  

To reward you for recycling your clothes with us, and ensuring they don't end up in the landfill (or anywhere else we don't want them!) — you receive a credit for $30 in TrashieCash once we receive the bag at our facility. The credit will be added to your account and you can redeem your TrashieCash on towards rewards for brands like Uber Eats, Sephora and more.

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