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Why is it better to use a Take Back Bag than other donation options?Updated 7 months ago

85% of ALL textiles end up in landfills. That includes resale, recycling, and donation efforts. If you send used items to us through our Take Back Bag, they go through a sorting and grading process with our recycling partners to determine their next best life.

Most of the time that involves breaking down used product, turning it into pulp, and spinning new yarn. This process produces almost zero greenhouse gas and requires no water. Trashie then takes that yarn and turns it into new proprietary fabrics and products. 

If items cannot be recycled or resold, it is downcycled to materials like shoddy that are used for insulation. Over 90% of what is sent to us is kept out of landfills, and you get credit for future Trashie purchases in the form of TrashieCash.

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