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Earning TrashieCash

When will I see my TrashieCash?

TrashieCash earnings from the browser extension and TrashieCash earn offers will appear in your Trashie dashboard within one to seven days after an eligible purchase (sometimes way sooner) in a Pending status. Some merchants may take longer to report

How much TrashieCash can I earn from each merchant?

Each merchant has its own rules for how much you can earn. We don't limit how much you can earn from a merchant, but we may contact you if you have multiple pending rewards from the same merchant for security reasons.

Where do I go to see my TrashieCash and payment status?

Check your TrashieCash and account balance in the Earnings dashboard on or within the Chrome extension. You can manage your account settings there too.

I know I made a transaction, why didn't I earn TrashieCash?

If a transaction isn't listed on your dashboard, it's because we haven't been notified by the merchant yet. Contact us at [email protected] if it's been more than ten (10) days.

What does it mean if a transaction is pending?

Pending TrashieCash transactions appear on your transaction history when a transaction is completed through a merchant cash back offer. It can take up to seven days for merchants to notify us of the transaction. Some merchants hold sales for verifica

Why is my merchant not supported?

Check for ad blockers or firewalls that might affect the extension. If you've shopped at a merchant through our offer wall, check to see if you have other extensions installed or if you may have activated a different offer. If your merchant is still

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