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When will I see my TrashieCash?Updated 6 months ago

TrashieCash earnings from the browser extension and TrashieCash earn offers will appear in your Trashie dashboard within one to seven days after an eligible purchase (sometimes way sooner) in a Pending status. Some merchants may take longer to report sales, such as when the product ships or their return window closes.

On average, TrashieCash credit is posted to your account 61-180 days after your completed transaction, but may take longer. Merchants typically place a hold to ensure the purchase is not cancelled or returned. This hold period may be longer depending on the merchant (e.g., the hold period for hotel bookings can extend until after your stay ends).

A Pending status indicates we are waiting to process your TrashieCash credit. The pending amount may not be the final amount you receive as TrashieCash. For example, returned items may decrease the amount of, or eliminate, your credit.

An Disqualified status indicates an offer was activated and a purchase was completed, but the merchant determined that the purchase did not qualify for the offer. For example, returned items or items in the offer’s excluded categories are not eligible for TrashieCash.

A Paid status indicates we have processed your TrashieCash credit. This credit will update to your Trashie Earnings Dashboard as paid and reflect in your balance.

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